Following those healthy eating rules is easier than you think. The basics weight loss are easy, fill up on super foods, remove processed junk and exercise regularly. Except you all know that once distraction, temptation and motivation, get involved, following that formula for actual results is not so easy.

Most of you think that working out should be the major focus to success, but, it lies in the kitchen. Therefore, you turned to the wise weight loss professional nutritionists, who all agreed to tell it to you straight. Here are their advice’s, when it comes shedding those excess pounds.

weight loss tips from nutritionists
weight loss tips from nutritionists / pixabay

1. Consume Foods Your Favorite Foods, Less Often

The practice of consuming small-meals all day, was once the key advicee among nutrition pros, but recent research shows that strategy is flawed. Instead, Georgie Fear, RD, author of Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss and nutrition coach, suggests, eating just 3-4 times daily, and to make sure you are actually filling yourself up. Consuming fewer, but more substantial meals helps you obsess less about food during the day.

2. Do Not Focus Just On Carbohydrates

Cutting carbohydrates can lead to weight loss, but only if it will result in an overall calorie deficit, according Georgie Fear, R.D. “If you remove all carbohydrates, but add lots of nuts and oil in their place, you might not lose weight. This is because you are not reducing your overall calories.”

You can even gain weight in the process. Instead of glorifying 1 single nutrient, you cantry reducing the overall number of calories you consume.

3. Enjoy You Food

If you are not taking the time to pay attention to what you are consuming, you will never lose weight. Mindlessly consuming food down your gullet, while you watch tv or check e-mailwill likely cause you to overeat.

Instead, give your food your full attention, that is according to Mitzi Dulan, RD, author of The Pinterest Diet and nutritionist for the Kansas City Royals. Studies showed that people who consume their food mindfully are 34% less likely to be obese, as compared to people who don’t.

How can you become more mindful during meal times? Only eat at your kitchen or dining table. This trick helps in avoiding the unconscious eating that is often done on the bed, couch or at the office.

4. Eat Whole, and Not “Health” Foods

Weight loss happens as a side effect of choosing whole foods that provide the nutrients that you need. Recent research demonstrates that foods that are labeled as “healthy,” such as “healthy cookies,” may be contributing to the obesity epidemic. This is because individuals are more likely to overeat them. This is according to Brigid Titgemeier, a registered nutritionist dietitian at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine.

5. Go Slow

“Do not try to change everything about your diet at once. Start by making 1 improvement in how much you are consuming or 1 improvement in what you are eating. But, don’t try to change both at once. Just ease into it. This is according to Georgie Fear, the author of “Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss”.

6. Portions Matter

You may be surprised that after cutting out all processed food and eating organic ones, yet you are still not losing any weight. What’s the reason? This is because you may be organically growing your waistline, according to Villacorta.

Always remember that you cannot eat more of something just because it is healthier. For example that avocado might have healthy fats, but you should not consume the whole thing, because it still has a lot of calories.

Science reported that having a few bites will satisfy you just as much as you consume the larger serving. Therefore, wait at least 5 minutes to see how you feel before digging into more.

7. Travel With a Snack

Many people are able to do their diets when they are in their normal daily routine, but things fall apart when they eat out with friends, go on vacation, or travel for business, Karen Ansel, R.D.N., coauthor of The Calendar Diet, says.

It’s like you are taking one step forward and then another step backward. But when it comes to weight loss, consistency is the most important key, therefore, be prepared before you deviate from your daily routine.

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