According to Science, potentially losing money is the best motivation for staying fit. That is according to are recent research from the University of Pennsylvania.



In the research, scientists asked people to walk 7,000 steps daily, for 6 months. Some walkers received at least $1.40, every day they achieved their goal. The others lost $1.40, whenever they failed to hit their goals or daily steps.

The research participants who were faced with the prospect of losing their money reached their goal 50% more often.

This is called loss aversion, a behavioral economic theor, according to the study lead Mitesh Patel. The human brain is hardwired to avoid loss at all costs.


You can use this natural inclination to your advantage, when you start a new exercise program. You can download an application that holds you financially responsible for any missed workouts.

You can pledge a sum of money for the workouts you’ve missed. If you are going to lose a nickel, it may not seem like a big deal. But you will think twice about skipping your exercise, if you lose a dollar or much more from your account on a daily basis.

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