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Winter, the coldest season of the year, is fast approaching in some parts of the world. It is characterized by low temperature readings, as well as shorter daytime.

The start of winter varies with cultures and locations, according to Maps of World. Recent meteorology suggested that for the Northern Hemisphere, the winter months would be December, January, and February while the Southern Hemisphere would experience winter in June, July, and August. It is also noted that November is the start of winter in many European and East Asian nations, with November 1 considered as the onset of winter in the Celtic countries while November 7 stands as the beginning of winter according to the Chinese calendar.

Winter also entails fun activities that can only be done during the season. There are several interesting and fun activities related to the coolest season, which include ice skating, ice cycling, ice hockey, snowball fighting, skiing, snowman and snow castle building, and sledging.

While winter is fun, the cold that it brings due to low temperature may not be tolerable for some. In this case, there are several ways to feel warmth amidst the harsh winds of winter.

Understanding scientific principles about temperature like conduction and convection is pivotal in keeping oneself warm in winter, Wilderness Medical Center, Utah CEO Loren Greenway told Live Science. In science, conduction is the transfer of heat through direct contact while convection is the transfer of heat between a solid and a moving liquid or gas. According to Greenway, understanding heat transfer mechanisms, along with the body’s own thermoregulatory system, will keep a person warm and safe when the temperature drops.

Greenway also explained that shivering was a warning sign, indicating that a person should get himself someplace warmer. Shivering is the body’s way to produce heat through friction due to the movement of muscles. According to Greenway, the spasmodic contracting and relaxing of the muscles consumed calories and it generated heat to compensate for the loss of heat the body had undergone through conduction and convection.

In addition, increasing one’s caloric intake also helps elevate the body heat, according to Greenway. The CEO explained that being well-fed would help the body handle low temperature levels, not to mention that eating also boosts the level of sugar in the blood, which is necessary to keep one warm in a cold situation. Aside from soup, potatoes, squash, pomegranates, dark leafy greens, and citrus fruits, among others, are some of the healthiest foods for winter, according to Eating Well.

According to Mental Floss, it would be easier to change one’s body temperature that the room temperature. Therefore, putting on an extra layer of clothing is recommended. It insulates the body from the cold temperature, keeping the body warm and comfortable. It is practical to invest in at least a sturdy and style winter jacket that one can wear when it starts to snow. It should also be kept in mind to buy a coat that is proper for the weather in the area. A case in point is that someone who lives in Quebec will need a heavier coat than a person who lives in Arkansas. To make things more stylish, neutral colored winter jackets like black, gray, and brown are the best, as they are highly-wearable in any occasion. A white coat may be elegant looking the first time it was bought, but then it requires high maintenance over time.

With one wrapped with jacket or furry coat during winter, the same should also be done to the windows. Thin curtains should be replaced with heavier wool or fleece drapes when winter comes. They promote the level of heat inside a room or a house, thus, keeping it warm and cozy. However, an important note to make is that they should be open on sunny days for extra warmth.

Overall, while winter serves as a cool and enjoyable season for people, health should still be a priority and this can be done by regulating body temperature through eating, choosing suitable clothes, and keeping a warm environment.