Rambutan whose scientific term is Nephelium Laapaceum is a tropical fruit. It originated in Indonesia and is now present in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Ecuador and America.

The name rambutan comes from an Indonesian name “rambut”, meaning hair. Its tree belongs to a group of tree bearing fruits like the mamoncillo, lychee and longan. Below are the health benefits of rambutan.


Source Of Iron

Rambutan are a good source of iron which helps in correcting the amount of oxygen in the body. Iron is essential for the human body to function.

It is present in hemoglobin is used by the human body to transport oxygen from the lungs to the different tissues. Deficiency of iron can cause illnesses like anemia which leads to severe fatigue and dizziness.

Helps in Boosting Energy

The fruit is rich in carbohydrate and protein content which helps give an instant energy boost when consumed. The high water content of the fruit also helps quench the thirst and bring back lost energy. It is highly suitable for runners and other sport players because of this property.

Strengthens Bones

Rambutan is rich in phosphorus, calcium and iron. It also helps in strengthening the bones. Healthier bones also lead to stable growth and reduced chances of fractures and other bone diseases.

High Fiber Content

Rambutan is low in calories and has good fiber content. This fruit keeps you full for a long time due to its high water and fiber content, thus controlling irregular hunger pangs. It also helps in weight reduction.

Helps Remove Waste from the Kidneys

Rambutan contains phosphorus, which is beneficial in helping remove waste from the kidney. Phosphorus is also important for the repair, development, and maintenance of body cells and tissues.

Help in hair care

Rambutan aids in the improving the health of your hair. Paste made from the leaves of trees has been known to provide nutrition to the hair. The paste is made by taking rambutan leaves and adding some water and mashing them. You will notice a noticeable change in their hair quality for just a few weeks.

Makes Skin Better

Rambutan helps in hydrating the skin and making its supple and soft. This is due to its high water content. The water helps in the hydrating and helping keep the skin soft and smooth.